III. Actions

Use storytelling and art to help others awaken to the natural world and its preservation.

Practice seeing and looking and listening with intention that everything is bigger and better and more than I know it to be.


Collaborative project


by Amy Marsh

Create “encounter experiences” for each age group and share them with the school (See  Drawing Closer to Nature by Peter London)

Become a leading artist in the classroom by sharing my own work/story

What is the sense of place in a school? Bring this question as an opportunity for professional development for your school.

Teachers tour school, spend a little more time letting them know how we use art

Share and advocate for Student’s voice through “bombing” the halls with art


by Pam Farris

Keep art education viable and in public schools.

Write an article about uncovering Dewey again.

Present at State conference

Conduct inservices

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