V. Standouts


Being exposed to dance, music, poetry to see the connections


by Andrea Crane

There are different ways to communicate not just visually

Map Making and storytelling

Opening to possibilities

Seeing similarities in processing with other arts

The ArtSource Community

Observing each other work!

Speaking the same language

Rock/Balancing was great way to start the week

Art Conversations

The energy and passion of Art Teachers


by Tara Moll

Connecting with the place and with other artists/art teachers

Time to create

Beautiful place

“Peterisms” (from sessions with Peter London)

Everybody has a story to tell and dies incomplete if not shared

The story of the places you love are important.  I never thought of myself as an indigenous artist.

Remembering what it’s like to see like a child

Introspection, insight, interaction

Lift the veil



Neuron to synapse analogy for listening to stories

How do we “anneal the schism?”

How to express in visual what we experience in the physical and emotional space

Peter sitting with each of us individually with questions and listening

I am important on this planet

Art is discovering what you love

Everything speaks

From Lisa Hochtritt’s Mapping session

The idea of “map” as an artistic exploration

See mapping images inspired by this session as well as Hochtritt’s powerpoint presentation on mapping under “Presenters”


The movement between nature and classroom

Everything is alive and responds to being viewed

The earth is strong yet fragile

I must listen more-to earth and people, legitimize the story

We need nature to feel connected


Look at teaching skills as a “try this” in their learning process

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