IV. Wonderings

Big Esoteric

How do I preserve this sense of balance/purpose/peacefulness?P1060372

How to take this experience and infuse it into my school year

How can I make a difference?

How to retain the mystery and wonder?

How do I continue this proliferation of art?

How do we take a powerful experience and transition it and myself into “real life?”

With Students

What about those that do not feel connected to space or place?

How can I bring encounters to my students?


I wonder how I’m going to get to ArtSource again!

How do I learn the metaphors that aspens provide


Encaustic Wax covered Rocks by Karen Eberle-Smith

How do I mesh my ideals of instruction with realities/roadblocks?

Could we rotate to sit in each others place physically here in this room and just be in the “others space” Investigating “feel” observation


How can we harness the energy of ArtSource to continue year round?

Could ArtSource change the course of Art Education?

Do we have a special Voice (of the Rockies) in art education? (Is it our State Standards-meaning making?)

Do we want ArtSource to become bigger, grander professional development and what would that look like?


Is Art Education swinging in the direction of being too rigidly directed?

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